Why Is Cinema So Transformative?

A video created in collaboration with Brain Games host Jason Silva on the link between cinema and consciousness


This is an example of an online video course that I filmed with Global Drug Survey. Its purpose is for harm reduction - to help individuals who are struggling with alcohol addiction. We wanted to make the videos short, sweet, and packed with information.

You can view the rest of the videos from the course by clicking here.


Proper alignment and background depth. Good lighting. Quality audio. All the things that make for a good interview. Interview videos can be great for Facebook, Youtube, IGTV, and other platforms that prioritize video content. 

This is a portion from an interview I did for Synthesis Retreat.


Another project that I did for Global Drug Survey was helping to launch and promote their 2019 survey. Global Drug Survey is the largest drug survey in the world and is taken by over 100k people each year. 

A majority of the people who take the survey are younger than 30, so GDS wanted their video to be short, punchy, and relevant. This video ended up being translated into over 10 languages for different countries participating in the survey. 

And Just

Some Fun

When I first got my camera I needed to teach myself how to use it so that my videos turned out well. So I would find people looking to have a video made, offer to do it for free, and google what I needed to know on the way to the shoot. 

This particular one with the members from The Rattleshakes was a ton of fun. Jokes, moonshine, and a lot of good music.